SegaMew is longtime Sonic collector and artist. She travels all over vending at conventions and events and run the online store Hidden Palace Games. She has drawn various short comics, won 1st place in the animation category of the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing contest, and was also a concept artist for Eddie Lebron's Sonic fanfilm. Come check her out!


Freelance illustrator and Colorist, TheChaosSpirit is a fan artist in the community that has helped with and a part of the Sonic and SEGA FanJam Art Team. She produces a ton of fan art in the community and would love to meet you! Come check her out!


Greek Hair- Ghost Scare is a local, upcoming musician that will be performing. Close friends with JovialNightz, she will be coming to serenade the crowd with sonic music. Come check her out!


An Audio Engineer and Singer. They have had mixes in certain Chorus Battle Groups such as Hamster Revolution and Insomηus.You can hear a lot of their works on a playlist found here - Mix Samples They have been Mixing for several years and have a lot of experience in this field.

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